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These 3 Happenings in the Digital Space Are Likely to Boost Your Tech Lifestyle In 2017

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2017 is here, and there’s a lot that we expect to happen in the digital space that will no doubt improve our tech lifestyles. Experts and tech enthusiasts are predicting advancements across the board. Besides that, the Internet of things will also experience transformation aimed at making it even smarter than it is at the moment. If you are among those waiting to see what will be trending in the next twelve months, then this article is for you. We’ve taken our time to dig deep and uncover what’s likely to happen this year. Here are some happenings that will transform your tech lifestyle.

The Great Rise of Financial Technology (Fintech)

It’s predicted that 2017 will be the year of great rising of Fintech. Remember that last year was a big win for fintech providers when the top two positions of smart50awards went to them. With such a win, it’s no doubt that these providers will up their game to see them rise to become even better. That means if you are a user of such technology, you should be ready for good things. All these happenings are aimed at boosting how we manage our finances and make decisions. Indeed, we should be ready for a better tech lifestyle that will see us become the best managers of finances.

Evolution of IoT

The internet won’t be left out too as other aspects of technology change in 2017. Your laptop, phone, Bluetooth headset, and other gadgets will experience changes that will make your internet experience change positively. In fact, every device that’s released nowadays must be a smart one and with an option to connecting to the internet. More and more devices will, of course, be hooked up to the net. It, therefore, means that by the end of the year, there will be many things you can do over the internet as compared to the other years. Businesses will see many internet enabled devices being integrated into their facets to make operations easy.

Massive Entry of New Apps

Though the app world has been experiencing an increase of new ones over the years, it is expected that 2017 will again be a year of massive entry of new ones to the industry. We will have many of them in our smart cars, phones, and even smart homes among other areas. While we expect new apps, what will happen to those we already have? Well, with the increased competition, the already existing ones will try to improve their features to avoid being rendered useless in the market. That means that we’ll have new updates and improved versions.

Imagine how your tech lifestyle will be with all the above expected happenings. Life, indeed, will be better than it was in the previous years. However, remember that those are not the only changes we expect. There are a lot of other happenings that will no doubt shape up our tech lifestyle. The selection of whichever of them to give a try is purely a matter personal choice and what you love the most. Embrace them, and you’ll have a wonderful time at home, business and any other place.

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