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The Modern Man’s Fashion Checklist

fashion checklist

The modern man is too focused on achieving a high status through the use of technology and positive habits. At least, that is what he should be doing. Today, we will talk about some of the more neglected aspects in a man’s life, and run through a checklist that all guys should go through on their daily schedule.

This checklist is mostly regarding fashion and beauty as well, but there are some technological aspects to it that make your life easier. Lets begin right away.

1. The Clothes Should Fit Well

If you can afford it, custom tailor your clothes. It will make a massive difference and make you look better and more virile to others. Not everyone can afford this however, so what you need to do is find brands that are conducive to your body type.

For example, if you are a mountain of a man, visit your local Big and Tall. If you are slim and average height, you may want to give European brands like H&M a try as they will fit you better.

For the rest of you, most brands will have a size that should fit you moderately well. But at the very least, your suit and dress clothes should absolutely be custom tailored to your body. No excuses gentlemen.

2. Beard Or No Beard?

Your facial style is critical because where do most people look when they talk to you? That’s right, your face. It is therefore important to be well groomed and have a bright smile to go with it. There are two main ways here, either to grow a beard or to shave it off.

If you are one for the beards, like many are out there, be sure to keep it properly maintained and looking clean. You can do this by either scissors, or for the modern technological man of course by using a beard trimmer/shaver. These can be found online mostly, and as long as you purchase a satisfactory product it will last you for a long time without issues.

If you are clean shaven, you should take proper caution while shaving so that you do not cut yourself and make a mockery of your face. Shaving is not a race, and the fastest most definitely do not win. Go slow and take smooth. small strokes as they are most effective.

3. Avoid Poor Style Trends

There are still so many men out there that are just making ludicrous mistakes when it comes to fashion. There are plenty obvious ones, but also some other subtle ones that you may not know of. These can be found here, so make sure to read it thoroughly and not practice these abominations.

4. There’s No Such Thing As Overdressing

Overdressing is something that is a myth. People say not to overdress for a modicum of reasons, and none of the make much sense at all. If you have a great wardrobe, you should show it off as much as possible. You don’t need to go out wearing a suit everyday, but you don’t need to underdress to make others feel a pseudo sense of satisfaction.

Do what makes you happy and dress as well as you want.

This checklist could go on for longer, but these are the main 4 that you need to be aware of. If this list was too long, the modern man might not have the attention span to follow it, so it is best to keep it short and sweet so that only the important aspects are taken care of. Don’t you agree?

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