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Natural Makeup Solutions For The Modern Women

We’ve all seen a bad makeup job. It can be fairly hard to miss when there are a few different color combinations prevalent on a single face, and they are not so subtle like the essence of beauty. When makeup is caked on thick like a coat of paint it can do more harm to an overall look then it does good, but even when done right makeup can still be made of chemicals that do a great deal of harm over time.

Chemical based makeups can seep into the skin and into the creases of the face and actually extenuate some of the more unflattering features. Over time the chemicals can damage the skin and force one to use more and more to mask the issues until you get exactly that: a mask. There are dozens of harmful chemicals that are used in common makeup that can cause problems for more than your skin. The inhalation of powdered makeup over time has been linked to a number of issues from simple cosmetic issues to cancer!

What The FDA Says

Currently, the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to do in-depth safety assessment of many of their products, and the ingredients contained within can be listed in some very general term like “fragrance” or “coloring.” The actual chemical makeup of your chemical makeups can be kept as a total mystery to the average consumer, and many never look further into it than that. Yet as we now have increasing concern for what we put in our bodies, it should naturally follow that we show more concern for what we put on our bodies. You probably wouldn’t eat something that was called “mystery meat,” so why would you put an unknown chemical paste on you skin? Makeup used to contain things like mercury and lead and when we hear this there is a certain “oh my god, that’s totally crazy” feeling that comes up. The unfortunate truth is that some cosmetics have not evolved nearly as much as they perhaps should have.

Luckily there are some great alternatives available today that are not only safe, but actually good for your skin… and they look great!! Mineral based powdered makeups are available that have none of the adverse effects of the myriad of chemicals present in traditional products. Minerals that the skin needs to heal and stay healthy can be used to great effect, and in many cases are less expensive than their less safe alternatives.


Every woman wants to look their best, and throughout time women have suffered great pains in the pursuit and perfection of beauty. For hard-working women that wear makeup every day and sometimes all night as well, it’s important to find products that give the desired effect without the pain and certainly without the danger. Consider that when makeup is applied correctly it can enhance a woman’s beauty greatly, but when done wrong or with the wrong type of product there are all sorts of issues that can arise. While cosmetic issues are certainly a problem, the health issues that can arise from using too many chemicals in your cosmetics are of more concern, and we should take every opportunity to find better products for ourselves.

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