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Essence of Beauty: The Art of Subtlety

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet since the beginnings of our civilization there has always been a debate as to what exactly is considered to be beautiful, and the pursuit of beauty is something that has persisted throughout human history. To some, this pursuit is considered to be one of the most unimportant things imaginable, but that’s easy to say until you look in the mirror. It should be understood though, that physical beauty can only get you so far, and if you’re looking to impress a potential mate it may take more than a low-cut dress or six-pack abs.

Those that take the idea of beauty seriously realize that there is much more to it then simple physical factors. The way someone moves, the way they speak, and the tones of their voice can say more then any outfit ever could. There are certain intangible factors that can change the way one is perceived by the world, and there are certain perceptions that can be created with a simple whisper that can be more powerful than the strongest scent or the most obvious look.

Leg Men Or Butt Men?

Most men, being the simple creatures that we are, describe their idea of beauty with body parts. Some would say that are “leg men” and some focus on the more… obvious features of a woman physical form. Though there are some men and women that look at other factors that most are simply unaware of, and while they spend hours making themselves up to fit the physical image that they believe people want to see, they may forget to the pay attention to the unseen. For women, there is a feature that they may not realize a man is paying attention to, and many men may not think about it consciously yet they notice it all the same: subtlety.

Subtlety is an all but lost art these days, but to those that mean to master the essence of beauty itself, it’s something that should be taken very seriously. For women especially, this can be a very powerful tool to be used far beyond the confines of the bedroom. Any woman can obvious and in their desires and most men will respond… eventually. Yet a woman that can make herself know in a subtle way can be far more attractive, enticing, and compelling than one that screams their needs to the heavens.

To master the art of subtlety is to say volumes in a single motion, to scream to the heavens with a whisper, and to convey the complexity of ones desires with nothing more than a look. This is easily and commonly misinterpreted by most to be some kind on subterfuge or game; saying one thing when you really mean another. This is not what the essence of subtlety though, and taking that path can lead to more problems and miscommunications then anything else. Subtlety is an art in and of itself, and it is the art of making yourself and your desires known with as little effort as possible. A woman telling a man that she wants him is exciting, a woman letting him know with a simple look and then walking away… is irresistible. Subtlety takes thought and skill, and that’s makes it essential to the idea of beauty for men and women alike.

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